Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Health Care?

"Home Health Care" implies medically necessary care provided by licensed healthcare professionals in the comfort of your home. Such care is typically needed especially by seniors recovering from a hospital stay, or a facility stay and need additional care to remain at home safely and avoid hospitalization. At Novus we understand leaving a hospital can be an anxious time, we will be there every step of the way to make this transition easier. Our goal is to help you recover, educate your family and regain your independence to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Do I qualify for Home Health Care?

You are eligible to receive home health services if you meet following conditions:

If you believe you need skilled care at home, contact us for a free evaluation. We can help consult with your doctor.

What does "homebound" status mean?

Medicare requires homebound status for all home health patients unless NOT required by your payor.  You are considered homebound if :

Still have questions? Contact us. Our clinicians will be in touch, typically within an hour.

Who pays for home health care services?

If you satisfy certain eligibility requirements, Medicare may pay 100% for your covered home health care cost, for as long as you’re eligible and your doctor certifies that you need it. Contact us and we will validate your payment options.

How does Novus select its skilled care staff?

Our hiring standards are pretty stringent, and each staff member must clear our screening process which includes:

Are Novus’  home health workers insured ?

At Novus, we take your safety very seriously, and take pride in our employees. All staff members are fully insured above an beyond the state minimum standards for liability and workmen compensation insurances.

Do you offer uninterrupted care during storms, blizzards, etc.?

At Novus LifeCare, high quality and consistent care is our # 1 goal. We understand emergencies occur but we also know that care cannot be disrupted. In case of an emergency where we cannot be at our patient's location, we are partnered with leading staffing agencies in close geographical proximity who can provide the care required. Being a local company, Novus LifeCare can offer you the consistent and non-disrupted services your loved ones need.

Does Novus pay and assume responsibility for all required taxes?

Novus LifeCare is a premier skilled homecare services provider with zero negative feedback or IRS audits. We take our fiscal and social compliances very seriously. For any service provided by Novus LifeCare, none of the patients will ever be legally held responsible for state, social security and unemployment insurances. Never. If you have questions and would like to see our audited results please contact us.

Are your caregivers legally able to work in the United States?

All Novus LifeCare care givers are licensed by the state of Missouri. While the state licensure ensures that the care provider is qualified, Novus maintains and supports i-9 verification for all its employees. Learn more here. Under this process, Novus is legally bound to verify all eligibility documents and report to the USCIS authorities.  Novus LifeCare is an EOE and does not support discrimination on the basis of race, color and sexual orientation.

Who is responsible for injuries to the patient?

At Novus LifeCare we understand that accidents happen. While we don’t want either our patients or our dedicated staff to be hurt while administering care, accidents may rarely occur. All Novus LifeCare staff is covered under liability, medical negligence and workman compensation insurances. Rest assured, the patient (or their loved ones) will not be responsible for any remuneration.  For more information please contact us.

Are care givers bonded and insured?

YES. Novus LifeCare employees and partner care givers are bonded and insured against cases of injury or theft.

How is service completion validated?

At Novus LifeCare, all administered services are reported back to Medicare or the payer. Additionally, all patient outcomes are discussed internally and with the patient's referring doctor to ensure progress on a patient's case is reported. Novus also follows up with courtesy calls to the patient's family or responsible authority to ensure care was provided to their satisfaction. Feedback from our patient community plays a very vital role in ensuring we are meeting and exceeding your expectations.

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